We’re making business personal again.

Once upon a time, business was rooted in personal relationships and one-on-one interactions. Then came decades of technology—automated recruiting, email, job boards, training videos—that removed the human element.


But…business is about people—their voices, personalities, ideas, potential, experience, and experiences. It is very personal. And so is HireVue.


We give people a way to present themselves. To project their voices so they can tell their stories with depth and personality. Recruiters get to know their candidates early on. New hires meet the team before they even step foot in the office. Employees share valuable knowledge.


And yeah, we provide efficiency, cost savings, and ROI—and we help with compliance, too.


Quite simply, we make business personal again. And we do it by promoting meaningful human interaction through a digitally-enhanced, connected experience that we call a Talent Interaction Platform™.


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HireVue HQ in SLC.


Our offices feature glass walls, high ceilings, spacious decks, lovely mountain views, and are flooded with natural light to provide you with a vibrant, creative atmosphere which is conducive to learning and working.

Fun is HireVue's team culture.


You’ll see us playing together on sports teams, hosting happy hours, throwing birthday parties, hosting spontaneous chili cook-offs and barbecues, or find us organizing pick-up soccer, kickball, volleyball and trail runs.

Work Anywhere.


You love where you live? That’s cool. You can stay right there. 50% of our team works somewhere other than our HQ.

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What Keeps Us Going

Weekly snack deliveries from Costco keep our employees happy and our customers happier.


Awesome Employees


Pounds of snacks consumed weekly


Happy Clients