12 STEPS TO HIRING YOUR DREAM CANDIDATE While the process of looking for a candidate may drive us bonkers, this isn’t that kind of program. Everyone wants to improve their chances of finding that perfect candidate. An article on LinkedIn recommends you do the following with every interview to make that happen. 1. Understand why the position necessary to the company. This isn’t just a list of the skills and duties. What do you expect any person who fills the position to do for the company? 2. Define a yardstick. What’s a perfect candidate? Consider not only skills but company culture and attitude as well. 3. Tell them the interview process. Do you have a four hour interview process with five different people? Make sure they know that before they only set aside two hours. 4. Homework, homework, homework! This means more than just glancing at the resume minutes before the interview. Find out what made this candidate worth bringing in for the interview to begin with. This means reading the resume thoroughly and conducting a little investigation: look at their online presence to see what they are like behind the paper. 5. Converse, don’t interrogate. In doing so, you will draw out more information from the candidate than just firing off a series of questions. 6. Ask follow up questions. If you have a question about one of their answers, use this to draw out more information. 7. Spend as much time answering their questions as you do asking. We all look for intelligently crafted responses from candidates. Give them the same courtesy when they ask you questions. 8. Explain the next steps. When the interview is over, make sure the candidate knows the next steps in the process. Interviewing is a scary enough process without being left hanging. 9. Be polite and follow-up. These candidates are offering to spend more time with you and your company than they will with their own families. You owe it to them to follow-up regardless of the outcome. This goes for everyone who applies, not just the ones you hire. 10. Talk to innocent bystanders. Were they rude in the lobby? They will probably be rude on the job. 11. Contact references. And not just the ones they provide. Search their network.
There’s a good chance you know someone who knows someone you can talk to. 12. Conduct one more interview. This is especially helpful if their initial interview was an online or digital interview. After you find that perfect candidate, be enthusiastic about delivering the offer. If you aren’t excited about bringing them on board, then maybe you need to keep looking.