3 SELF-DEFEATING INTERVIEW TACTICSSearching for a job is stressful, and that anxiety can sometimes cause people to behave in unflattering ways. It’s unfortunate but true– worrying about getting a job can sometimes make it harder to get a job. Here are three surprisingly common bad habits that job seekers exhibit in the interview, and why it’s so damaging to do so. Don’t Be a Flake
Canceling at the last minute– or worse, not showing up at all– is a great way to shoot your job prospects in the foot. If you’re searching by specific industry, word about you will get around: it’s a small world, after all. Canceling or being a no-show tells people that you don’t value their time. This goes for informational interviews with people you’re networking with, as well as, for job interviews at actual companies. Even if you don’t think you want the job, go to the interview anyway. Don’t Show Up Late or Underdressed
This boils down to the same point as above: show some respect for the people who are taking time out of their busy days to see and speak with you. Showing up late and making a bad excuse is a surefire way to lose points, as is showing up sloppily dressed or underdressed. Making a good impression means being neat, presentable, and punctual. Don’t Forget to Follow Up
It’s a little extra step, but one that makes a world of difference. Following up with someone who has taken the time to speak with you (even in a digital interview) not only shows a little consideration, but will keep you and your many positive qualities fresh in the interviewer’s mind. Shooting someone an email and handwritten note is all you need to do– to learn more about how to put together a great thank you note, read some of our other blog entries.