When it comes to the job interview, most people spend time polishing resumes, practicing answers in front of a mirror and researching a few facts about the company. These are all great ways to get ahead in the job application process, but they can all be undermined in the blink of an indifferent eye.

Human resources managers are people, and people connect with other people on a personal level. To make a great impression and gain an interviewer's trust, you need to hone your interpersonal skills as sharply as you hone your facts. Here are three tips for winning an interviewer's trust to land the perfect job.

Be Confident and Convincing

A simple, honest smile can transform the entire atmosphere in a room. Attending an interview can be stressful, but smiling offsets the nerves and forces your entire body to relax. Along with smiling, making good eye contact will help put interviewers at ease and project a level of confidence that you may not necessarily feel while you're trying to remember your strengths and weaknesses. Even when using a digital interview platform, remember a confident smile translates through any medium.

“Talk Shop” the Right Way

Do you know what the company really wants in an employee? It's safe to say that most companies look for similar attributes in their workforce regardless of specific job title: assertiveness, self-reliance, dependability, intelligence and a solid work ethic. Showcasing these abilities through your tone and well-researched answers will give you an advantage over the competition. Spend time getting to know the company, and listen carefully throughout the interview. Recruiters will reveal more about what they want, and you can adjust your tactic accordingly.

Offer Real Solutions

Employers know what applicants want when they come in for an interview, but most applicants forget that a key part of getting a job is finding out what employers want and giving it to them. Rather than spending your time giving trite answers to standard questions, be assertive and ask questions about the job. Compliment the company using genuine facts and figures rather than fluff, and tell them how you can solve their problems. Show real interest, and companies will want to hire you.

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