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Technology is everywhere in our modern society. The ability to use technology has become crucial for all workers today -- even those working outside the tech industry. Here are five tech skills that can make you a more desirable job candidate.

Understanding Social Media

Businesses use social media to communicate with customers, employees and stakeholders quickly and efficiently. The speed and ease with which information spreads on social media are assets when used properly but potentially disastrous when misused. An understanding of proper social media etiquette is helpful in any position.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is powerful software capable of organizing large amounts of data and performing complex mathematical computations. It is now considered standard office equipment and all members of the workforce should have at least a basic understanding of the program. However, the highest demand is for workers fluent in Excel who can utilize its advanced features.

Mobile Apps

Advances in technology have turned cellular telephones into life management mobile command centers. Application downloads allow phone users to perform a wide variety of tasks and access information from anywhere they happen to be. Those with the skill to develop these applications are in high demand and often hired within a few days of starting a job search.


The IT department is a busy place, and employees who can troubleshoot their own computer problems are considered assets. Although not expected to resolve major problems, employees who can troubleshoot minor problems independently reduce the burden on IT, freeing them to focus on the larger issues. This is an especially important skill for those who work from home or remote locations.

Staying Current

New technologies are developed all the time, and employers desire people who stay abreast of them. A working knowledge of current technology may minimize the amount of training a new employee needs and shows a willingness to adapt and learn new things.

Taking the time to learn these skills could help improve your chances for getting a job. If you already have them, don’t forget to showcase them on your digital application or resume.

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