5 TIPS TO CREATING A KILLER LINKEDIN PROFILE With over 277 million users and two more joining every second, LinkedIn is a crowded place to try and attract the attention of prospective employers. FastCompany provides 5 improvements you can make to help your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd. First Impressions are Everything Neglecting to post a profile photo has a negative impact on your visibility in search results. Choose a picture that shows the same professional face you’d present at a job interview and add a headline that tells employers why your profile is worth their time. Just like in real life, you only get one first impression on LinkedIn. Personalize Your Summary Use the summary section of your profile to tell employers what your qualifications are. Write in first person and include contact information to encourage people from outside your network to get in touch. Include eye-catching media links and relevant keywords to make your profile more searchable. Utilize Targeted Engagement Every update you make is an opportunity to build your LinkedIn network. Post relevant, interesting content pertaining to the industries that interest your followers. Updates that include links show a 45 percent higher rate of engagement than plain updates, so keep an eye out for sharable articles, slideshows and infographics. Don’t Skimp on Experience The Experience section is the LinkedIn version of your resume. Prospective employers are likely to look here first when deciding if you’re worth contacting for an online interview. Keep all of this information up-to-date and professional and avoid jargon whenever possible. Advertise Yourself Projects you’ve completed as well as awards you’ve earned and skills that make you more qualified for positions are all important. Include in your profile anything that shows employers why you’re more valuable to them than the competition