All the job interviews are over. You finally found your dream candidate and he’s accepted your job offer. Now you can get back to work. But what about your new employee?

If you are a small company, your onboarding process might include having him follow a colleague around until he learns the ropes. However, once an organization reaches 25 employees, this method doesn’t seem to work quite as well.

Creating a formal onboarding process helps with both employee retention and productivity. But don’t think the process needs to be a rigid set of steps -- it can be both entertaining and inspiring. Simply setting up some basic guidelines benefits the employee, their co-workers, and your organization.

Introduce new team members right away

  • Utilize video technologgy to send an intro video of the new employee answering questions that will introduce them to the team. There is nothing worse than being at a new company for more than a week and your co-workers have no idea who you are. People are busy - sending a quick 3-minute intro video takes care of introducing yourself over and over again and connects team members quickly.

Take your time

  • Experience shows that it takes a full week to introduce a new employee to the organization so they can become a fully productive member of your team. Making this small investment up front will pay off down the road.

Include brand training

  • Brand training creates and maintains consistency across the company. Clearly stating the company mission and vision enables the new employee to define how their job contributes to these core values.

Use top performers to train

  • Take advantage of your top performers from each department that are enthusiastic about the company. This can make the new employee’s learning process more exciting and entertaining, while demonstrating the company’s core values.

Introduce other departments

  • Eliminate the barriers between departments by keeping them from getting built in the first place. This garners company-wide cooperation and shows new hires how they fit within the organization.

That’s it! A smooth onboarding process will help that new employee get on and stay on the right track within your company.

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