Video Interviewing

DIGITAL INTERVIEWS REDUCE RISKThanks to cloud computing, it seems as if there are so many new technologies popping up on the market these days at a mind blowing pace.   With the advent of cloud applications comes fear of risk and legal exposure – you’ve got less control now more than ever.  New digital interviews provide better insights into candidates early in the recruiting process and much of the risk associated with hiring and interviewing is taken out of the equation – giving companies the ability to revolutionize and modernize  their hiring process, all while reducing risk.

1. Digital interviews reduce variations and give more control
Going digital cuts out the risky variations and gives the right type of control. You don't need to worry about inconsistent interviews, bizarre questions asked of only a few candidates, unprepared interviewers - or simply perceptions that candidates are treated differently.

2. Digital interviews add structure and consistency
Digital Interviewing enables you to send the same questions to all candidates that meet initial requirements. Digital interview guides and question-level response ratings further ensure a fair, transparent interview experience. And, you can ensure questions are relevant to job requirements and better assess overall fit for all candidates you interview.

3. Digital interviews bring objectivity 
Candidates are asked the same questions in the same order. Multiple reviewers participate with ease, so more managers weigh in on decisions bringing more objectivity while further countering any possible bias concerns. You can also use the random order configuration to minimize order bias so all candidates get reviewed against the job requirements, then interviewers can compare responses of those that fit the best. If you choose, your company can even  use the "thumbnail feature" to turn off images until after evaluations are complete.

4.  Digital interviews provide transparency
Reporting and feedback tools provide real-time visibility into interview and evaluator progress, feedback and status. And, you can use videos to assess interviewers' skills and train on techniques when needed.

5. Digital interviews help you have a happier candidate -- which further reduces your risk.
Processes are streamlined and faster with digital interviewing. Candidates find out sooner where they stand in the recruiting process, which makes them happier, and helps better your employment brand. They get access to the "Digital Interviews Best Practices" guide so they have tips for success and companies can provide digital company overviews and next steps, so all candidates get better information, sooner. When you deliver a great candidate experience, everyone wins

6. Digital interviews provide better records when you need them
Candidates are informed and agree to terms of use before the interview begins. When there is an inquiry, recorded digital interviews can help to mitigate risks by providing stronger, video-based evidence and recordkeeping to support hiring decisions.

Adding video to your recruiting process mitigates risks when implemented well. Proactively take control of possible risk and go digital.

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