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The job market is tight -- we all know that. But there is that one position you have that is presenting challenges. It’s something that requires not only a specific skill, but the person you hire must be great at it. Finding candidates that fit the bill are difficult. So how do you make sure that when that perfect candidate comes along, you don’t lose him somewhere in the hiring process before you’ve even offered him the job?

Complicated Application Process

Technology has helped the application process a great deal. However, some of these new applicant tracking systems can be more tedious than filling out a paper application. Test any system first -- you don’t want applicants dropping out half-way through filling out the application. A great alternative is a digital interviewing platform.

Lengthy, Overly Detailed Job Description

Some applicants won’t even apply if the job description lists every possible skill for a position. Assess your true needs and and list those under your “must haves”. Then have a “would be nice” area, but don’t get stressed when someone doesn’t have everything.

Playing Hide and Seek With the Salary

Once a candidate finally asks about salary, be clear about it. Being vague tells the candidate that you: don’t mind wasting her time, want to pay her the least amount as possible, don’t value her skills in the market, or perhaps all three. They will likely look elsewhere.

Overbooking Your Interviews

You’ve gone through all the digital interviews and chosen a candidate to bring into the office. When she arrives at your offices, get her into the interview on time. If there is a team of people interviewing the candidate, make sure they all know the procedure and are consistent with your company message. You’ll impress the candidate with a smooth process.

Asking "Off the Wall" Questions

This may seem obvious, but we’ve all been on interviews where we were asked odd questions such as “If you were an animal in the forest, which one would you be?” Being “clever” doesn’t endear you to a highly employable candidate. Stick to relevant questions.

Not Following Up

After the interview, make sure to follow-up the candidate. By setting up a specific contact procedure after interviews, you stand a better chance of snagging that excellent candidate that impressed everyone. Skipping this step could damage your reputation in the job candidate marketplace.

You may already have some (or even all) of these integrated into your hiring process. It’s always good to periodically reassess your hiring and interview process to make sure you are able to get the best applicants possible.

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