8 REASONS NOT TO JUDGE A MOVIE BY ITS POSTER! Today we have the world at our fingertips. We can find out just about anything online — before we make a decision. With the Internet, we can checkout restaurant reviews, menus and photos, so there’s no need for restaurant roulette. We can watch movie trailers, read reviews and learn all about the stars of the latest movies. Using Google, we can zoom into neighborhoods for closeups of the actual buildings and get a better “feel” of the area. We even can go inside homes for sale with virtual tours online, so we know which ones are worth our time. So, in today’s world, why would you judge a book by its cover, a house by it’s “for sale” flyer, or a movie by it’s poster? Maybe once upon a time, a long time ago, you would — but not in the digital world of book ratings, online home tours, and movie trailers! Now, you can get deeper visibility into just about anything using more media, in less time. And, these insights help you make better decisions about how to use your precious time. What Does This Have to Do with Recruiting?
Recruiting is no different in the digital world. Why would you rely on words on a static resume when you can gain multi-dimensional insights of a candidate before you decide to invest in an interview? It’s time to say goodbye to the analog world of resumes, phone tag and bad interviews! Digital interviews are more personal than static resumes, online forms and blind phone calls. They provide deeper visibility into a person’s knowledge, skills, cultural fit and abilities to perform the job. With digital, candidates answer the same questions that represent what hiring teams really want and need to know. Each candidate will be able to put her best foot forward answering specific questions on video, rather than just guessing at what employers want and using that to craft their resumes. And, employers can fast forward, rewind, share and compare candidates — without wasting time with the ones that they know immediately are not a fit. Digital interviews also capture that “something extra” that doesn’t come across in a resume. So, you don’t lose good candidates along the way and can quickly hone in on the ones that fit best. For example, military veterans are often experienced leaders with strong transferable skills; yet, these characteristics can be lost in translation with static resumes presented to the private sector world. Similarly, hiring early career stage talent can be time-consuming and costly using traditional resumes and processes. Sure, you want to know what college students or recent grads have accomplished but there’s not a lot to go on. GPA doesn’t tell you how well they’ll fit in. Employers want to get to know the soft skills too — like the ability to converse professionally, the ability to relate to various types of people, and how personalities will fit in with the team. Digital comes to the rescue! 8 Ways Digital Helps You Get To Know Candidates Sooner • Passion – With digital, you’ll get a glimpse of how passionate a candidate is about the position and his experience. With the right questions, you’ll be able to better assess if what you have to offer will be the right next step for candidates – and for you!
• Brand/Cultural Fit – What characteristics make people more successful at your company? Video enables you to preview candidates’ personalities, preferences and work styles, much as you would in a live interview setting. Digital interviews will help you reach more candidates and better — so you can identify the right ones that will fit in well, much earlier in the hiring process.
• Team Fit – Is the candidate that looks good “on paper” a loner or does he like to collaborate on projects? Does he solicit feedback and is he coachable? Maybe you want these characteristics, maybe you don’t. You are in control and can ask the right questions of all candidates to determine who will fit in with the team. No more bad interviews!
• Attitude – A written resume can hint at a person’s attention to detail and give important background. It doesn’t tell you much about their attitude. You’ll be able to preview responses to relevant questions that’ll help you identify characteristics of attitude and interpersonal style.
• Communication Skills – It often is said a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is invaluable! With digital, you will know quickly who has good communications skills and who does not.
• Leadership Potential – Instead of quickly assessing from a resume who appears to have leadership skills or potential and who doesn’t, digital enables you to ask candidates questions that will let them tell you more!
• Validation – How often have you read something on a resume that isn’t quite the truth – or it’s simply great wordsmithing? With digital, candidates must provide answers to specific questions representing what you need to know. You’ll get better insights into their skills, abilities and experience. And, everyone is asked the same questions so decisions are based on facts rather than just first impressions!
• Genuine, Authenticity – How does a candidate come across interpersonally? Are they looking you in the eye, being direct? Do they appear to be truthful, warm and sincere? You’ll find out much faster with video than with a paper resume! These characteristics and more are part of what make up the less measurable part of the interview process, yet they’re every bit as important for most hires that will be dealing with others internally or externally. So, There It Is In a Nutshell…
The 8 ways going digital will help you find the right candidates faster and spend less time with the wrong ones. In today’s world, you wouldn’t spend 2 hours watching a bad movie – or a bad movie trailer! Why would you sit through a bad interview when you don’t have to? You can preview more candidates and get deeper insights earlier with digital. And, if what you observe doesn’t work, you can stop the digital interview right then and move onto the next candidate. Think about the countless hours you’ve spent with the wrong candidates – and look ahead at a new future with digital. How will you use those extra hours previously spent with interview hassles and the wrong candidates? When you go digital, you have the control! Fast forward, rewind, share and compare – learn more by using all that digital has to offer. Looks like you can get back time!