EmployeeEngagement Employee engagement might be defined as the process of encouraging employees to consistently and joyfully produce at the highest levels. Engagement is visible when you see employees who have high energy, vision and initiative. Engaged employees are those who are productive and bring new ideas and efficiency to their job tasks. According to consultant, Pauline Ng, it is difficult to help employees who are not engaged to become more engaged. Once they reach the place where they are simply going through the motions, are consistently negative and are taking more sick time off they are a long way from being engaged. The better option is to hire more effectively. By capturing the right employees at the front end, employee engagement becomes a much more manageable issue. Whether you conduct an online digital job interview or you interview in person, here are some tips for finding and hiring more employees who are more likely to be involved.

  • Don’t oversell your job or your company. Obviously you want to show the prospect the advantages of your company and the employment opportunity. But if you over promise and under deliver, the new employee will likely become disengaged quickly.
  • Make sure they interact with their manager. It’s not enough to simply interact with them around the job description; you need to observe their interactions with people at work. . A perfect fit with the perfect skill set will not work if there is a bad fit with their manager.


  • Consider using, if you aren’t already, assessment tools that will help you find out more than the candidate’s skill set. If you find out what they love and how they are ‘wired’ you can add that to your decision making process, and potentially avoid a bad hire which will lead to dis-engagement and poor performance.
  • Communication, as always, is critical. This is especially true when you conduct multiple interviews. Make sure that everyone involved is hearing the same things and is kept in the loop. It is especially important for the candidate to hear the same message from everyone. . Consider digital video interviews, which are helpful not only with respect to what is being said, but can also help significantly with multiple candidates. It will also give you insights to non-verbal signals the candidate might send.

  If your employees are showing signs of becoming disengaged, pay attention. One way to possibly avoid this is to be more effective with your hiring practices at the front end.