ARE HIRING MANAGERSFor the owners and executives of a company, bringing the best talent on board is paramount. However, as hiring responsibility progresses down the ranks, a strange thing can sometimes happen: managers don’t want to hire someone who they perceive as smarter, more experienced, or more capable than they are. Fear of being leapfrogged on the corporate ladder, as well as fear of losing their position or being made to “look bad,” can cause managers to pass on over qualified individuals— consciously or even unconsciously. In a world where business managers oftentimes feel pressured to have all the answers, the hesitancy to understand someone who may appear to know more is understandable, but ultimately wasteful. How can a company hire the best candidates when managers are more concerned about their own job security than about company success? For starters, implementing a digital interview software like HireVue can help with the process by allowing input from multiple people on the interview process. Additionally, having a hiring manager’s boss select the final pool of five to ten candidates ensures that people won’t be cut out because they’re perceived as a threat. Remember, hiring managers may not consciously be eliminating candidates because of their own insecurities— so make sure your organization has a process and a system of checks and balances in place to make sure you’re bringing on the best talent possible.