Are you Hiring Based on BiasAs an HR worker, finding and keeping the best possible talent in your company is probably a top priority. But are you hiring people based off unconscious biases? When it comes down to bias, everyone is vulnerable— and the sooner that you admit that you may be succumbing to your own unconscious biases, the sooner you can start working to correct that behavior. Counteracting unconscious bias means that you’ll need to develop a great recruitment process. Digital interviewing software can really help in this regard, as it lets you design more fair and objective interview experiences. When interviewing candidates, here’s what you need to focus on: 1. Have a thorough job description.
Building out a job description that perfectly paints a picture of what you’re looking for will make it easier to attract and match the right kind of candidates to the position. Not sure what you’re looking for? Sit down with the person who will be managing the position and pick their brain. 2. Ask everyone the same questions.
We discuss this a lot but the important can’t be overstated. Asking everyone the same questions means they’ll all be measured by the same criteria— no comparing apples to oranges here. 3. Record the interviews.
Again, this is where digital interview software really comes in handy. Having a recording of every interview can not only make it easier for you to get input, but to see where your own weaknesses and biases come into play. Take lots of notes, and make sure you offer positions to individuals based on their skills— no on their appearance, or some other insignificant detail. For more interviewing tips and tricks, check out our HireVue digital interviewing blog, or contact us for more information about whether digital interviewing is right for your organization.