ARE YOU PART OF THE INNER CIRCLE? Do you like being in the dark? There is an inner circle quickly forming and the people in the inner circle fought hard to get here.  The fellas and chicas in this circle are developing relationships and friendships that will be talked about on some documentary 20 years from now.  In a few seconds, I will brag about part of that inner circle, HireVue.  But for now, know an inner circle exists.  It consists of some HR people, but not all of them.  I see lots of marketing, technology, engineering, business and artist type people too.  Do you want in this circle? These types of people, once divided now walk alone with thoughts they can’t stop thinking.  They see the future above and the current way as slow and sinking.  Each one wants to improve the way technology is used to source, screen and select talent.  Today, mainstream HR sees them as nothing, but soon they will believe every story they have to tell.  One day they will want to join their inner circle.  It’s funny to think this is going on around us. What I see today is an oppressive HR profession – SHRM types and wannabe SHRM types.  They have empty stares.  They look and laugh people out of boardrooms.  They don’t know much about the inner circle and they feel like they have lost control of the circle.  Uhh. Yes, you have.  Blame it on the implications of the cloud, not people. Many people from the inner circle have started companies.  They have raised millions to fund their companies.  HireVue has a cool story and it keeps getting cooler.  The surprising thing about HireVue is as simple and helpful as it is to the HR profession, HR people still can’t get their minds around it.  I suppose they are still in the dark about technology.  They say it’s unfair to be on video for an interview.  They want to pay sales and marketing people to be persuasive and influential.  Yet, their sales and marketing people are afraid of a digital video camera.  Come on. That’s okay for today at least.  But tomorrow, intern Mary, will master it.  Some company who makes more or less money than your company will offer Mary a better career opportunity.  They will see her interview on the iPad device.  That same device you won’t welcome in your office.  They will will offer her a job in France.  Full relocation too. So yeah.  Today you can say it’s not fair.  But tomorrow when Mary leaves, what will you say? Do you want to be part of the journey?  Do you want to be in the documentary 20 years from now?  The documentary that talks about technology that brought HR out of the dark?  There is an audience who wants to become intimate with something new that will change the HR profession.  The concept has been around for years.  It’s called social consciousness.  There is now technology to make us more aware of that consciousness. The inner circle needs people who can stand up for themselves.  People who can figure out how to use this technology for them and their organizations.  People who dare to get on a little video camera for 2 minutes.  HireVue is helping those people. HR people claim to be strategic.  This is your strategic moment HR.  What are you going to do with it?  The circle needs you. Guest Blogger, Ben Martinez is an HR Pro with Energizer Holdings Inc. and blogs at the HR Hound. Ben is a self-proclaimed family guy, exerciser and HR journeyman, of Fortune 500 companies. Fantasy sports hater – avid sports watcher. Ben wrote the book on coffee networking, so if you’re in the St. Louis area, hit him up for a cup. Contact Ben on Twitter, LinkedIn or email. Views are his, not his employers.