BIG DATA MAKES HR AND RECRUITING BETTER Recruiters’ and hiring managers’ positions (and relationships with each other) are constantly evolving. As our society becomes more data-oriented and its becomes easier than ever to gather large amounts of data in real-time, hiring professionals will find their jobs increasingly data-oriented. Though there’s a lot to be excited about when considering the rise of the ability to analyze hiring data in real time, perhaps the best benefit of the rise of big data is that it will fill the disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers. This disconnect oftentimes comes as a mismatch in expectations or a lack of alignment in understanding of a project. However, being able to share data-based information can help recruiters and hiring managers to work together to understand what makes a recruitment strategy successful— or what makes it a flop. A digital interview platform can make sharing data and candidate information between hiring managers and recruiters painless. The scoring system, shareable, on-demand interviews, and extreme flexibility of a software like HireVue is valuable to both recruiters and hiring managers, as it makes working together easy, improves quality of hire, and decreases the amount of money spent overall in the hiring process— a win-win for everyone involved.