Going into SXSW we didn't really know what to expect.  We had done our homework - we knew we were the only Digital Interviewing company exhibiting at the show and that there were only a handful of other HR technology companies in attendance.  We had heard about how cool and crazy the entire week would be, and how awesome the food, music and film was... but we really didn't know.  What we found out during our first year attending this popular show, is that the hype is all true.  We have met so many amazing and innovative people and companies and seen the future of technology - all showcased or discussed during one week in Austin.  The key, however, is how to stand out as a company admist all the creative noise.  We have learned a lot from the "show" that we have experienced so far, but the biggest spotlight was when one tech company convinced Shaquille O'Neill to "tout" their technology.

Although we were somewhat disappointed that we didn't think of bringing the Shaq Attack onboard, it did make us think more about how digital interviewing can do just that for any candidate trying to stand out in a crowd of talented job seekers - so that made us feel good.  One of the most impressive things we have heard in feedback from our 30-second pitch to conference attendees has been the fact that people now have a chance to rise above the paper resume and come to life in front of a future employer.  They can really shine and stand out by telling their story, and explaning why they are the best choice for a position, rather than trying to stand out through bullet points on a piece of paper in a stack of resumes.  It's been exciting to continuously receive the praise we have become used to at SXSW for such an innovative and useful approach to a common recruiting problem both on the candidate and company side - and this without our usual crowd of mostly HR professionals.  At SXSW they come from all walks of life - tech, music and film junkies included.

So thanks Austin, for the memories, and thanks Shaq - you gave us all something a little extra to talk about while roaming the show floor at SXSW.  And Ben Martinez, our HR Director, now has a picture to prove it.


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