A number of companies have begun sourcing talent socially, and with digital interviewing tools, it's easy. However, there is one powerful social component that is often overlooked: the recruitment video.

Though you can pay top-dollar to have a cutting-edge recruitment video made, that isn't always necessary. With a camera, a light kit, a microphone, and some editing software, you can make a video on your own for far less money and with less hassle. But what should go into your recruiting video?

1. Branded messaging.
Though you should keep your video under three minutes, you still need to make sure you keep your most important information in. Pick three to five must have branded messages and go from there.

2. Employee testimonials.
Get your employees to talk about your company and why they chose to work there. It's best if you simply interview them on camera so their answers come naturally-- this will make the video feel genuine, rather than scripted.

3. Showcase culture.
Showing your employees in action is another great way to convey culture. Using an employee's response sound bytes over a video of a team building day or activity is a great way to convey what it is that makes your workplace special.

4. Keep it fun.
Keep the video interesting to hold on to people's attention. Include graphics, music, and cuts from one scene to another to keep audience interest peaked.

Once you've got your recruiting video, share it with your employees and ask them to distribute it. Share it across your corporate social platforms, post it to your company's career site, and more. Be sure that you send out links to your recruitment video with every online job interview invitation you send to candidates. Well-done recruitment videos are a great, effective way to build buzz around your company as a great place to work.

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