Hiring managers have a lot on their plate, which is why they often turn to recruiters when they need a job filled yesterday. While it may be tempting to view recruiters as hired hands, it is actually better to view recruiters as business partners seeking to grow your organization. Here are five techniques that can greatly improve your manager/recruiter relationship.

Recruiters Care About the Process

Recruiters do not see your job opening as just another task. They are emotionally invested in forming relationships with candidates and with finding the right person for you. They are also emotionally impacted when you delay hiring or decide not to fill a position. Recruiters are the face of your organization and must often field candidate complaints about how slow the hiring process is.

Recruiters Want to Fill Your Position

While you may think that it is taking too long to fill a position, rest assured the recruiter is working behind the scenes. They have a vested interest -- risking both money and reputation -- to find you the best candidate. In addition, most recruiters want to form a long-lasting relationship with your company.

Recruiters Are Master Jugglers

Keep in mind that your job opening is not the only one that the recruiter is trying to fill. Even though you may be using a digital interview platform, recruiters still have multiple tasks and often have to perform them simultaneously. Treat your recruiter with the same respect that you give a coworker. In addition, making recruiters feel valued pays off with above par work from them.

Make Friends Not Enemies

In today’s mobile job world, it is likely that you will work with a recruiter again in the future. Whether you move to another company or need a job yourself, it is good to have a list of recruiters with which you are on good terms.

Sometimes Things Happen

Hiring managers are not perfect and neither are recruiters. Sometimes, they misunderstand requirements or double book an online job interview. They also need to take time for themselves. Understanding that there is a human person behind the worker is important to forming a good working relationship.        

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