HireVue Appoints Sales Coaching Powerhouse Robert Jeppsen to Spearhead New HireVue Coach™ Product Suite Salt Lake City, Utah – October 21, 2015HireVue, a leading provider of Team Acceleration software to help companies build and coach their teams, today announced the rapid adoption, and a new general manager, of its newest suite of solutions, HireVue Coach. Sales training is the #1 global challenge for sales leaders.[1] Eighty seven percent of sales training is forgotten within 30 days and 65 percent of sales managers don’t believe their reps can effectively articulate the company’s value proposition.[2] As a result, businesses are scrambling for a solution to address this critical issue. HireVue’s new product suite, HireVue Coach™, uses digital video and predictive analytics to help sales leaders align their teams on customer engagement, message delivery, buyer and industry knowledge, product capabilities and sales fundamentals. Released just last quarter, the solution has already been selected by top companies including Honeywell International, CEB, Juniper Networks, LexisNexis, Apollo Education Group and others. To manage the rapid adoption of HireVue Coach, HireVue has appointed Robert Jeppsen as Senior Vice President and General Manager of this latest suite of solutions. Mr. Jeppsen brings more than two decades of expertise in direct sales and sales leadership to HireVue and has been recognized with 13 American Business Awards for sales, team building and coaching. Most recently he architected Zion Bank’s acclaimed sales organization, where he led a team of more than 500 commercial bankers. In addition, Jeppsen designed the award-winning “Business Performance Series,” a class that has been taught to more than 900 businesses in the Western United States over the past four years alone. “Traditional training programs are broken, and ultimately adversely impact a sales organization’s ability to meet and beat quota targets,” said Jeppsen. “What sales leaders lack are effective coaching solutions to help reps be successful. HireVue Coach addresses that need head on, allowing companies to scale 1:1 interactions in an on-demand, video-based environment, providing reps with real time feedback on customer pitches, product knowledge and more. HireVue is the only company with the solutions to change how sales leaders coach their teams and I’m thrilled to be part of this movement with the team.” HireVue Coach provides managers with instant visibility into their teams’ behaviors using a combination of cloud-based video and predictive analytics by HireVue Assessments™, a patented deep learning data science engine that analyzes over 10,000 attributes. It helps sales leaders make data-driven decisions based on predictive emotional, intellectual, language and decision insights. They can see which sales reps are ramped, effective and customer-ready, helping them create a digital “excellence library” and a self-learning tool to accelerate time-to-revenue, sales productivity and execution. “Ineffective coaching is the leading driver of poor performance at work today. Employees — much like all-star athletes that flock to sports franchises with great coaches — crave effective coaching. But today’s sales training efforts are overwhelmingly set up to fail, leaving sales teams floundering and revenue dollars on the table,” said Mark Newman, Founder and CEO, HireVue. “HireVue Coach addresses the huge void of the right people, processes and technologies in today’s legacy sales approach. With HireVue Coach’s early momentum and with the deep expertise Rob brings to the team, we’re poised to equip more sales teams with powerful, real-time tools to skyrocket performance and results.” For more information, visit https://hirevue.com/products/online-coaching-software.   About HireVue HireVue is a leading provider of Team Acceleration software, helping companies worldwide use digital video and predictive analytics to build and coach their teams. HireVue customers — including 27 of the Fortune 100 — are creating bold business advantages, leading their industries with 50 percent faster growth, 29 percent less turnovers and 13 percent more top performers. HireVue’s Team Acceleration software also allows individual candidates and team members the ability to share their stories and demonstrate their work through digital video, providing visibility into the real attributes that matter – factors such as attitude, ambition and potential. Combined with predictive analytics, the platform removes the personal bias of traditional processes, empowering team leaders to make smarter, data-driven people decisions. HireVue was recently named among the top 10 “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes and a top 50 company in Deloitte’s Annual Fast 500. Visit hirevue.com for more information. Press Contacts Maggie Habib mPR, Inc. for HireVue 310.916.6934 direct maggie@mpublicrelations.com   [1] AAISP [2] CEB