Women in the professional sales world may feel that clothing choices appropriate for the workplace are limited and a bit predictable. But it's easy to mix things up when you're working with wardrobe mainstays that never go out of style!

The trick is in working with a few classic wardrobe staples and adding accessories to change the overall look. We'll show you below how to layer and mix these essentials to create a feminine, professional look that's far from frumpy. 

These are building blocks you can create a myriad of professional looks and outfits from. Ladies, meet the 5 wardrobe essentials!

The white button-down


This is a professional wardrobe classic that you've probably already got hanging in your closet! The versatile white button-down shirt can pair with almost anything and offers a crisp, clean look. 

Try pairing it with a statement necklace for a fresh, feminine twist.

The classic pencil skirt


The pencil skirt, a mainstay in women's work wear for decades, is a fitted piece that adds a certain sophistication to every outfit. Paired with a white button-down and blazer, it creates a fiercely feminine professional vibe.

For an updated look, try different colors and prints that pop! 

The fitted blazer


There's a reason the blazer comes to mind when you picture a professional woman. A fitted blazer paired with a white button down and pencil skirt says "I'm professional, stylish, and a force to be reckoned with."

Plus, blazers are cross-functional and look great paired with your casual clothes, too!

An unexpected pop of color or a different material, like tweed, can be a fun way to shake up your wardrobe. 

The slim trouser


The slim-cut trouser is a must for any professional woman. Pencil skirts are fun, but when there's a lot of work to be done (or it's freezing outside!), trousers are the friend you can rely on. Make a spot for these bad boys in your closet and don't let them go!

Experiment with slim-cut and wide-leg trousers. I prefer the slim trouser, but you may like the flared leg of the wide-leg variety. It's all about wearing what makes you feel comfortable while looking polished.

The comfy flat


Heels are undeniably stylish and if you won't be on your feet long, they're a great option for work wear.

However, for women who will be out and about and on the move at work (I'm looking at you, women in sales!), the comfy flat is where it's at. Why punish your feet when you've got a ton of work to do? 

Let's review: A crisp, white button-down, classic pencil skirt, fitted blazer, slim trouser, and comfy flat are the 5 wardrobe staples every professional woman needs! These are the building blocks of hundreds of stylish, work-friendly looks.

What's your go-to wardrobe essential?

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