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Candidates are Customers – But Critics or Fans?  Since digital interviewing hit the scene several years ago many objections have been raised and overcome and this more efficient recruiting method has taken center stage in the hiring process.  One that still lingers and was the subject of multiple questions from the HireVue webinar yesterday featuring Forrester Research Sr. Analyst Claire Schooley, is “What about the candidates? Do they like the process of digital interviewing? I understand that the Millennials are already used to communicating in this way, but what about the ‘boomers’? How do they respond to the new technology and does it leave them with a positive experience with the company?” 

All valid questions, Claire Schooley and Webinar guest Molly Weaver, director of talent acquisition at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO stressed the need for an innovative approach to recruiting, regardless of the age of each candidate. Weaver pointed out that often times we don’t give the “Boomer” working generation enough credit when it comes to technology. “These candidates are used to video conferencing with their children and grandchildren. They know how to operate and utilize a webcam and/or SmartPhone”, Weaver pointed out.  Schooley also emphasized that the entire candidate experience is changing, from performance reviewing, to succession planning, to learning and career development, but the fastest changing is absolutely recruiting.  Companies that are slow to adopt a mobile, social and cloud recruiting process will miss out on top candidates, both active and passive.

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