DIGITAL DECLARATION What are you up to, today? Scheduling… gone.
Phone Tag… bye bye.
Re-Scheduling… nope.
Small Talk… not necessary.
Opening Job Pitch… save your breath.
Resume Submissions… save a tree.
Redundant Questions… adios amigos.
Feedback Follow-Up… i’d rather not.
Phone Screens… don’t bother.
Bad Interviews… hasta la vista, baby! Wasting your workday on things that don’t matter? Step out of the stone age and declare independence – at long last – from wasteful administration, crap work and bad interviews. Digital interviews allow you to take control and spend more time on strategic things that make a difference – identifying, screening and selecting the best talent. In the spirit of independence, we’re excited to share the HireVue Digital Declaration, promoting freedom from unnecessary hassle and productivity killers that once destroyed and demoralized recruiters’ worklifes around the world. Join the movement to slash unnecessary time, costs and hassle while improving quality of hire. What do you think of the Digital Declaration? Want a printed copy for your office? Share this on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter using the links below and we’ll send you one. (Just drop us a note or comment with your mailing address) Video-Interviews-HireVue-Digital-Declaration