DO YOUR HIRING PRACTICES NEED A REALITY CHECK Do your hiring practices and digital interviewing habits need a reality check? A number of so-called best practices for hiring may actually be damaging your organization. Here are a few unfortunate hiring habits that many organizations have– and that they need to stop. BAD HABIT 1: BELABORING THE PROCESS
Think through decisions instead of putting applicants through a seemingly endless dog and pony show. Along the same lines, don’t develop Miss America syndrome, either– you aren’t going to find the perfect candidate who will blend seamlessly into your organization. Instead, focus on finding people who could be great with the right team and training, and find them within three interviews or less. Likewise, when everything is lined up and you’re about to extend the final offer, don’t wait too long– it discourages both the candidates and the team, and will leave bad impressions in job seekers’ minds about how your organization works. BAD HABIT 2: PINCHING PENNIES
Haggling with employees to the lowest possible salary is a terrible idea. First, it makes you look cheap. Second, your employees will resent you, which will likely increase your turnover rate, decrease productivity, hurt morale, and poison company culture. Instead, pay employees what they’re worth to your organization. They’ll be happier, more productive, and your organization will be better for it. BAD HABIT 3: FALLING FOR DIVAS
Many hiring managers and HR pros are weirdly inclined towards bringing self-aggrandizing individuals on board. Nobody wants to work with the bragger who steals credit– so make sure your hiring processes are geared towards hiring humble team players. A team made up of “rock star”-type employees will have trouble functioning as everyone jostles for the spotlight.