Many companies’ hiring processes assume a surplus of talent is applying for any given job, and the interview and hiring process focuses on “weeding out the weak.” However, as many companies have lamented, we’re in a talent scarcity situation, and just weeding out the weak doesn’t cut it. If your company wants to attract and retain the best talent, you’ll have to make a few key changes to your company’s hiring methods. Brand Your Company Well Early On.
Create a video describing your team culture and what it takes to succeed at your company. It can precede any digital interview a candidate will take, furthering branding who you are. Write detailed job descriptions. If you write a boring, dispirited job description, you’ll attract boring, dispirited applicants. Focus on making the job description irresistible – this extends to what you offer in the job as well, not just on paper. For example, consider offering career opportunities and avenues for upward growth, not just lateral transfers. If you want top talent, you need to not only catch their interest, but keep it as well. Hire the best person available, NOT the best person who applies.
83% of fully-employed candidates are not actively looking for a new job and very likely won’t respond or apply to a job posting. However, most of them will talk with a recruiter or a hiring manager. Know how to find the best candidates for your company, and reach out to them. For interviewing candidates who won’t take time off work to come in to your office, consider using a digital job interview so that the candidate can respond on his or her own time. Digital interviewing is one of the best ways to attract passive candidates. Make quality a priority.
Most corporate recruiters are measured on filling positions quickly, and will simply hire the best person who applies to a job – not the best person possible. Filling positions quickly and at a low cost, rewards maintaining the current talent level, as opposed to raising it. Make sure that hiring top talent is the primary topic of every manager’s performance review, and that there are more contributors to the hiring decision than just the hiring manager. Reorient your company’s focus from satisfying short term needs to fill a position, to emphasizing developing future leaders for the company. Raising the bar on your talent means raising the bar on your hiring process.  Fine tuning a few key things to improve the process and attract the best talent for long-term results.