EMBRACE CHANGE, I DARE YOU Change is one of the few constants in this world.  Time moves forward and things change – especially in the world of technology.  At TaleoWorld I have been amazed at the innovation from companies around me at the Partner Expo.  I have also been amazed at how many talented people I have met and worked with along my 8-year journey in the HR Technology Industry.  Our friendships have lasted through years of innovation in our industry and yet something still surprises me all the time – people are VERY resistant to change. Chip Heath, Co-Author of “Make to Stick” and also the keynote for this year’s TaleoWorld eloquently described change and why people hate it so much.  For HireVue and all of the other innovative solutions at the Partner Expo, our biggest hurdle is actually the status quo!  Why do you ask?  Three words: Fear of change.  But what about innovation?  A faster, more efficient and cost effective hiring process which presents an awesome new way to improve the Candidate Experience during their job search?  During my tenure at HireVue, I have heard all the reasons why companies put off the change to Digital Interviewing – It’s impersonal, our budget is limited, there are other priorities, etc.  As Heath said today, “there are lots of problems in life to obsess about but in the moment when you have to analyze them, Find the Bright Spots“. Prior to joining HireVue in 2009, I had experienced some huge changes in my life.  In 2007, I got married and went through an IPO on the NASDAQ at my last company.  Then in 2008 having the same company getting acquired, and I was blessed with a baby girl…all within 2 years!  The prospect of a new family experience unearthed something inside of me that was looking for something big – I wanted to be a part of something that was going to change the world.  I had spoken to Mark Newman, the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of HireVue before.  When we first spoke, I’m sure I wasn’t even in the right frame of mind to think about something new…I had too much going on in my personal and work life but something changed a year later when he showed me the HireVue platform.  Sometimes in life things are crystal clear and this was one of them.  As a hiring manager myself, I knew screening and interviewing was very outdated and needed some help.  So many times a candidate looked great on paper, but when I invested more time with them…I realized they just weren’t a good fit for what I was looking for.  Extra time in my day was something I did not have and I know all of you can relate to that.  When I actually invested time and saw the demo from Mark, I was blown away. I saw the future of recruiting and I embraced it.  When I announced that I had joined HireVue many of my HR industry contacts where heavily questioning my decision.  I can remember them saying, “you’re going where?!”  Three and a half years later,  I have never looked back. At the end of his speech Heath brought a call to action to the TaleoWorld 2012 audience and it is one that I echo here – What will you switch? As the wave of change inevitably takes us to a new future for Human Capital Management will you resist or embrace it?  The greatest risks in life often bring great rewards.  Are you going to do things they way you’ve always done them…or are you going to embrace change and try something new which will lead to a better outcome in your life?