When the idea of the “evolution” of a recruiter first popped in my head, it seemed a little crazy.  Since the first recruiting position came along, most of the essential tasks have remained the same over the years. Typically a positions opens up, recruiters post the position in some form or another (newspaper, flyers, internet), and through applications or an actively sourced candidates, presented the best candidate for a role to a hiring manager.  Granted, there are several variations to the process, but most of the core functions of the job have been constant.  The advancement of technology and social media has made the world significantly smaller.  News and information is shared instantaneously and delivered through many different mediums and channels.  The days of hearing something for the first time on the 6 o’clock news is all but gone.  What does this advancement mean to a recruiter?  With the abundance of information exchange, a recruiter has to do more than ever before.  Competition has a head start on talent before a recruiter even sits at their desk at 8am on a Monday morning.  That candidate available for a call is no longer available.  Below are three things a recruiter will have to think about now and in the future if he/she wants to stay ahead of the competition: Personal Brand
Personal brand?! What are you talking about?!  Yes, a recruiter must now have a personal brand in order to attract the right talent.  The reputation of his/her company is no longer enough.  What is the mission of the recruiter?  What does this person blog about?  Who is this person connected to?  What organizations does the recruiter belong to?  The best candidates want to talk to someone who is recognizable and reputable.  If you aren’t known or have a personal brand, the chances of landing the best talent won’t be easy. Social Media Presence
As referenced above, your presence in social media is now important.  Who follows you on twitter?  Do you write blogs or articles?  Are you ahead of the latest trends in recruiting?  Recruiter’s best leads can come from those they capture in simple day to day social media interactions. That impossible to reach passive candidate might have read a blog the recruiter posted a month ago about a topic in the field.  Unlike in years past, if you aren’t visible, you aren’t going to attract talent. Data Focused
Data? What does data have to do with recruiting?  Now more than ever, companies are using data to attract the best talent.  Processes are being standardized and advanced technology is making the initial screening processes quicker and more efficient.  The time suck of screening, calling, and leaving messages are going away.  With more advanced information, recruiters can spend more time with the most qualified candidates.  Evolving may seem like a tall order, but following these 3 trends will help any recruiter play in a bigger league as industries change. Questions for Dan Banfield about the Evolution of a Recruiter? E-mail him at dbanfield@hirevue.com , Follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/daniel_banfield or connect with him on LinkedIn.