Video Interviewing

Following on the heels of its much-anticipated job board, Facebook’s Graph Search allows users to get recommendations from the people they trust on things like which restaurant to visit next, who to hire and where to find their next career opportunity. Consumers can use Graph Search to discover new people, places and products that align with their interests, while businesses can use it to connect with potential customers.

How can recruiters and job seekers use Graph Search? First, Facebook’s Graph Search will allow users to search by people and by interest-- for companies, this means the “like” button will become a top tool for reaching talent. Candidates will need to connect with the people, companies and industry groups they aspire to work with, since the Graph Search can comb users’ network connections, broader interests, photos, people and places.

As with all social media, the key to successfully using the Graph Search, regardless of whether you are a candidate or a company, is to be transparent. If you are a company, build out your page to include as many indicators of your company’s values as possible. Share news, support causes, and use content to demonstrate your company culture, the types of people who succeed there, and what it is like to work there.

If you are a candidate, fill out your profile as completely as possible, including career interests to supplement your personal interests, and check that your personal interests are all work appropriate. The more you list on your profile, the more likely you are to be found.

Graph Search uses long-tail searches, which means that the more detail your search includes, the more accurate results will be. Searches can be tailored to include very narrow criteria, so hard-to-find candidates with highly specific skills, experiences and affiliations should be well-served by this platform.

Graph Search will likely benefit talent acquisition in several ways, but its success will ultimately hinge on whether it provides accurate and insightful recommendations that keep users coming back. If so, companies and candidates can expect shared success in the future.

Digital interviewing is becoming mainstream for organizations and candidates alike, and as it continues to revolutionize recruiting, it’s social implications will affect your public persona on social networks like Facebook. Make video a priority – it will bring a static profile with words on a screen to life, and help better define potential workplaces and candidates.

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