Reality-Checks You’ve put forth no effort to source the worst talent possible, and you’re ready to hire the kind of individual that will take your company from the top of its game to the back of the pack. If that sounds like the opposite of your hiring strategy, you may be surprised at how your bad interviewing habits are damaging your organization. Think you’re doing a great job? Read these five commandments for a reality check on the effectiveness of your interview practices. Thou shalt not start late, end late, or run long.
The best way to hire candidates who have no respect for your company’s time is to show that your company has no respect for theirs. Thou shalt not skip the small talk.
Putting candidates at ease is critical for building a great team. Nervous people don’t perform well, and skipping the human details can make an interviewer feel like they have no value (other than their ability to complete tasks A, B, and C) at all. Thou shalt not ask unrelated questions.
Keep your questions relevant. Don’t spring for too many weird, abstract questions, unless it directly correlates to the job. Likewise, make sure you keep your questions pertinent to a candidate’s experience. Thou shalt not take poor notes.
Taking notes helps you remember more than just your first impression. Making note of candidates’ specific responses will help you move past biases and make a great decision. Thou shalt coordinate with thy coworkers.
Working with the supervisor for the position, colleagues in the hiring department, and other individuals who will be affected by the hire is a great way to make sure you bring someone in who fits well with the team. Making sure you’re all on the same page and have the same information is key to making the best hiring decision possible. Video interviewing is a great way to help get your recruiting and hiring on track. A good digital interview platform will help you source the best candidates and interview intelligently with less time than before.