FIVE RULES FOR GREAT DIGITAL INTERVIEWSHiring great people is the most important thing a manager does in his or her position. A great team will make the entire organization more successful and lead to more promotions, while a bad team will drag everyone down, cause you to waste time trying to motivate people, and drive up costs as employees turn over. So how can a hiring manager find the best possible workers? Like a good recruiter, a proper digital interview platform like HireVue can help you source, screen, interview, and onboard top talent. But to make the most of the software, you have to be ready to follow the five rules of digital hiring. Rule #1: Prepare a performance-based job description It’s good to know what skills you’re looking for, but it’s even better to know what sort of tasks and performance those skills will help workers accomplish.Especially for competencies, behaviors, and experiences— things that are harder to measure— it’s key to know how each requirement is used on the job, and portraying each one as a performance objective will help candidates get a better idea of what the position. Rule #2: Benchmark your best people and have a vision for success Know what your top talent has in common, and add it to the job description. Success is replicable— you just need to know what to replicate. Knowing what constitutes success is key, too: describe your vision of the job and the impact on the company. This’ll attract great talent. Everyone wants to feel like their work makes a difference, and by showing people how that will happen, you’ll draw impassioned individuals to your company. Rule #3: Look for potential, not experience Some of the best workers may not be the most experienced candidates, but the most adaptable, passionate, or eager to learn. Be willing to make a trade off between resume experience and adaptability— or resume experience and cultural fit. Rule #4: Use digital interview software to screen Digital interview videos let candidates complete a screen interview anytime, anywhere, from any device, and let hiring managers watch and share the resulting videos in the same way. Screening can help you cut down the bias first impressions might cause when you have your first face-to-face online job interview, and it saves time in the hiring process. Rule #5: Take ownership of every hire you make The best people want to work under mentors who will help them get where they want to go. Know this and be ready to seal the deal. Help the people you hire get to where they want to be— it’ll be well worth it for the talent, for you, and for the company.