FLATTENING THE WORLD WITH DIGITALAs the writer Tom Friedman said, “The world is flat”.  What he meant by that is that with improved communication and travel technology we hear less and less every day about differences “on the other side of the world”.  I’m excited about what digital interviewing will do to even flatten the world further.  It was not that long ago that the only alternative to interviewing someone on the other side of the world was to do so by phone, which with language and cultural differences, not to mention technology challenges, was less than desirable.  That left either a live interaction that caused someone to travel and ultimately be jetlagged and possibly not at their best, which can hamper judgment and good decision making.  Or, lastly, to trust that someone else in the organization locally did the interviewing and conducted an assessment in the same manner, depth and way that we do ourselves.  The more important the hire, the more each of these alternatives seem worse.  Today, we have a viable alternative that mitigates all of these concerns – the digital interview.  Remove the challenge of time shifting. Remove the inability to see and assess the candidate with one’s own eyes.  Add in that a candidate could hear and answer the questions in their mother-tongue and all of a sudden, the world gets really flat fast.  Nothing has flattened the world like digital technology has in the last 20 years.  Just imagine what will happen in the next 20!