I am getting ready for my 2nd annual St Patrick’s Day beer and wine tasting party being held at my man cave bar in my current home residence. The planning of the event made me think about the best St Patrick’s Day celebration I’ve ever attended. It was actually a very easy memory to conjure. It was a St Patrick’s Day celebration story that is still being told and retold – and over 15 years later, and I am sure at this event we will reminisce on what happened all over again. I wanted to do something clever for this blog, and came up with a St Patrick’s Day themed scavenger hunt using QR code technology. I recently was at a client site, and as usual conducting training on social media training, and the topic of QR Codes came up. I was going into my whole social media recruitment process when the client asked, “what does QR stand for in QR Code???? The air left the room, and I was stumped, which doesn’t happen to me very often. I smiled, the client smiled, and the gotcha look happened. That encounter prompted me to write about this topic because it is such a cool technology, and we need to understand all the details for successful social media recruitment. QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to efficiently store data. Extensions may also be used. The QR Code system has become popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. Applications include product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and general marketing. It has made its way into social media recruitment field as a means to advertise for open positions, career fairs, company info sites, and much, much more. I have recently posted a blog entitled, “What’s New For 2014? Digital Job Descriptions!??? Using QR Code technology, a perspective candidate can scan a code, be taken to a digital job description, and then also apply for a position in one complete step. A candidate can learn about a company and a position through video, and eventually take a digital interview to be considered for an employment position with that company. Don’t even get me started on the many uses for QR technology with career/military recruitment fairs. When you’re recruiting, you need to go to where the millennial candidates are looking. Using QR Code technology helps with the first step process of reaching them, and getting that communication interaction started. So why not use technology that millennials understand? Makes sense right? So I am off, getting prepared to have my celebration, and looking forward to those people who actually take the initiative to try something new, and leave a message about their best St Patrick’s Day celebration. Beatha agus sláinte
(It’s an Irish greeting, it basically means to your health!)
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