Do you know someone who always seems to consistently get the digital interview, a face-to-face interview and then secure the job offer? Whether or not they realize it, they are honing in on the secrets of job success. Here are four secrets you can use to tap into their success.

Secret #1: They Use Job Boards for Research

Experts at CareerBuilder conducted studies that show a mere 18% of job seekers successfully find jobs through job boards. However, about 80% of unemployed workers use the boards to search. That’s a lot of people who are not finding positions on job boards. Instead, use the boards to research the types of positions available at a company you’re interested in. Then use sites like LinkedIn to find people you know who might be able to get you an interview in the company.

Secret #2: They Structure Their Resume Strategically

Everyone knows that recruiters receive hundreds of resumes during the hiring process. You have an average of only six seconds to get a recruiter’s attention before they decide whether your resume should be placed in the trash or saved for further scrutiny. Resumes that get noticed normally have an 11 pt font size, use an easily read font, and mirror words used in the original job posting.

Secret #3: Social Media Profiles That Win

Almost everyone uses social media today. If you don’t have a social media profile, most recruiters will wonder if you’re digitally challenged. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, as a job seeker, you’ll want to have a social media presence that would rival your resume. It should position you as an authority in your field or as a curator of knowledge.

Secret #4: Express Yourself in Text Without Emoticons

It’s easy to slip into text speak when corresponding through emails or online job interviews. However, this is the time to keep it professional when expressing your enthusiasm. You still want to convey your excitement, but say it in words as opposed to smiley face emoticons and exclamation points.