GET CANDIDATES TO SELL THEMSELVES Recruiters and managers often attempt to convince a candidate to come on board by selling them on the company. This is especially true when dealing with highly sought after candidates. However, their job is actually to get the candidate to explain why they are perfect for the job. Taking this approach puts the hiring team in the driver’s seat with regards to negotiation. According to Inc. online magazine, getting a candidate to sell themselves requires four key approaches. Ask Then Listen Many interviewers talk more than they listen, which doesn’t provide information about the candidate. Ask insightful questions, using a procedural or a technical interview process, that directly relate to the organization’s needs. Ask candidates how they would solve them, and identify those who provide excited and thoughtful solutions rather than standard canned responses. strong>Make Candidates Feel Properly Assessed Force candidates to give examples of how they have addressed situations previously. If they provide superficial responses, dig deeper by asking for details. Inquire about software and technologies listed on their resume, and ask for descriptions of when they utilized them. This approach makes candidates feel better about the job and want it more. It also places them in the position of convincing the company to hire them. Establish a Career Move High level candidates want a career move rather than a job change. The new position must have a greater breadth of skills, responsibility and growth to fully engage them. Recruiters and managers must demonstrate this by introducing candidates to employees who have actually experienced similar growth. Ideally, the new job should have a 15 to 20 percent higher level of responsibility than their previous one. If it’s a lower level job, they will feel like underachievers. If the job skills are much higher, they may feel that they don’t measure up. Demonstrate Long-Term Growth After a long interview process, focus on company strengths such as growth potential, large or small teams or management options. This allows candidates to identify the growth potential for their career. If companies demonstrate long term growth potential, candidates will keep this in mind if other companies court them in their job search.