GET READY FOR MOBILE RECRUITING Skeptical about the future of mobile recruiting? Matt Alder, the British Recruiting Futurologist, expressed his views on how mobile technology could greatly expand the capabilities recruiting professionals in the field of HR. Failure to embrace mobile technology keeps recruiting from advancing. Alder believes the mobile Internet is more than just another channel. In recruitment, mobile technology is viewed as something that should be adapted to reinforce the previously held beliefs on recruiting practices. Rather than exploring opportunities to disturb recruiting practices in the HR industry, technology is used to reinforce traditional ideals. Alder believes that the next generation of technology stands to reverse this trend. Born out of necessity, mobile recruiting ideals will have to be revisited altogether as new technologies are continuously introduced. The next generation mobile technologies will usher in a new era in recruitment. Speeding up this transformation with the current mobile technologies has been a challenge so far. While recruiters acknowledge how mobile technologies impact recruiting practices to a certain degree, their views on how the experience should evolve is the culprit for slowed progress. The piece meal approach to incorporating technologies is another reason for the slowed progress. In the absence of a comprehensive recruiting solution that takes full advantage of all mobile technologies, recruiters have relied on minor technologies and innovations that have produced slight improvements in streamlining processes. Currently recruiters can have access to a comprehensive solution in an interface that enhances the recruiting experience. Solutions include features like workflows and reporting to be accessed by all major executive and decision makers. A new technology altogether isn’t the aim so much as a solution that can accommodate the process. The ability to support workflow and reporting demands of stakeholders for a digital onboarding process in a mobile environment will be the goal.