GO DIGITAL FOR JOB SEARCH SUCCESS Technology and social media have altered the way some employers consider candidates. The key to landing your next job will be through a mix of online, offline, and social experiences. Here’s how to get ahead of the game. One of the most important questions that many job seekers can ask these days is this: How searchable am I? Some employers aren’t even bothering to post jobs, but are instead searching online for the right candidate. Candidates have understood that they themselves can market their talents and experiences better through social media avenues and get connected with decision makers in a better job search process.  Hiring managers are now more proactive in making contact through social media tools to get better candidates for their key positions. LinkedIn is an especially important heavyweight in the world of the online job search: joining industry groups or focused groups (like alumni associations) on LinkedIn can help you build important industry connections for networking. Making full use of the skills section of LinkedIn with as much specificity as possible will also give you a leg up – LinkedIn can direct you to companies that are seeking these skills so you can follow them. Listing your skills could also bring you to a recruiter’s attention. Joining LinkedIn isn’t just posting your experience and waiting for companies to respond.  Job seekers must also join in the discussion groups, add important ideas and share best practices seen on their own personal profile.  Remember, clients are watching, and taking notice towards discussions, tweets, groups, and even measuring a job seeker’s social ranking to determine if they are the person to take their company to the next step. Job seekers that take it to the next level in job seeking will turn out to be the leaders for the next open position. Creating a personal electronic digital resume video about yourself and posting to your LinkedIn account is going to be the next great step in the recruitment process. A potential employer will always view a video of someone’s experience over reviewing a written document. Take that next step and create a video of your work experience, you won’t be sorry you did! The digital age of job searching is here, are you ready for it?  What are you doing to prepare?