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Skills gap, skills gap, skills gap – it'san oft-repeated HR lament. Businesses aren't getting great candidates for open positions because no one in the job market has the right skills.Despite the shortage of qualified applicants in some industries, maybethe “skills gap” is just an excuse for why you don't attract top talent.Perhaps you don't offer a candidate experience worthy of top applicants?

Twenty-twopercent of jobseekers who have bad experiences as candidatesfor yourjobs – including never hearing back about their applications and gettingthose impersonal “thanks, but no thanks” emails – will tell others notto apply with your company. If you want to attract top talent, it's timeto innovate a better candidate experience.

Shrink the Applicant Pool

If you'readvertising open positions to anyone and everyone (except forcertain sectors in which open advertising is required), you're probablygetting unmanageable resume volume. Control the applicant tsunami so thatyou can devote time to the best candidates.

Recommendation:In additionto shrinking the number of applicants through targeted advertising,usea digitalinterviewing tool to see more candidates in less time. Some digital recruiting platforms even offer predictive analytics tools that can uncover the best candidatesbefore you even watch the interview.

Offer Personal Attention From theHiring Manager

According to analysis from CandE published by,fewer layers between candidates and hiring managers create better candidateexperiences. Stop filtering your candidates through recruiters and HR gatekeepers.The best people want face time with a decision-maker.

Recommendation:Askmultiple team members to evaluate resumes and job interviews. Tomake the process easier, choose applicant tracking and video interviewing softwarethat lets team members rate and leave feedback about candidates. Hiringmanagers can view ratings and feedback instead of watching every interview themselves. They can then use the extra time to meet and woo top applicants.

Makethe Timeframe Crystal Clear – and Stick to It

When you're recruiting thebest candidates, you're on their timetable, not the other way around. Showthem that you respect their time by keeping your commitments.

Recommendation:Tell your candidates how long you'll need to evaluate their job applications. If you say you'll make a hiring decision within 48 hours,call your candidates within 48 hours.

Stop Blaming the Skills Gap

Thirty-sevenpercent of candidates who like your hiring process will recommend your companyto other applicants. Download the Candidate Experience Playbook to seehow brands including Red Bull, Nordstrom, and Delta Air Lines are creatingexceptionalcandidate experiences using digital interviewing.

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