HIRE FOR THEIR LEARNING SKILLS You were so proud that you quickly found a developer who actually knew how to work within your development and deployment platform. She was working out great — hit the ground running, as it were. Then your team realized that your current stack wasn’t scalable, which was something you desperately needed. So you moved to a different environment. That was when you found that great hire wasn’t making the switch so easy. In fact, she was still asking for help with basic tasks six months after the change. That great hire from a year ago was turning into a liability because she wasn’t able to learn the new platform. How do you find those people that aren’t locked into a single system or method as technology (and processes) change, they are able to keep up? Is this something that strikes a chord with your organization? Then it may be time to add some new questions to your digital interview platform to seek out candidates whose core competency is “high velocity learning”: Explore their experience for radically different company sizes, technologies, roles. Ask them outright how they go about learning. Those that have learned things in the past should be able to describe a thoughtful approach on how they learn and be able to give examples of something they’ve learned more recently. Find out what they do in their spare time. A broad set of interests is a good sign because people who do something tend to get better at it over time. Just because you can’t find the perfect candidate, doesn’t mean you can’t get a candidate that will become a perfect candidate. And will continue to be perfect over time, since they are easily able to adapt to changes in the work environment.