Last week we hosted our fourth ever Digital Disruption conference here at HireVue.  Over the course of two days, attendees heard from a range of speakers, from Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte; to Dan Heath, co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller “Switch.” The theme was “Breaking Through to Excellence”: driving adoption, process improvement, and innovation. While we at HireVue put together some in-depth coverage of the two days (with on demand recordings of each session on the way), plenty of other media outlets had their own take on the days’ proceedings. Here’s a summary of all the press coverage of Digital Disruption 2017:

The Five: Must See Sessions at Digital Disruption 2017

Jackye Clayton, Recruiting Tools

Recruiting Tools kicked the week off with some preemptive advice for DD attendees. They recommended checking out these five sessions:

  1. “Candidates Don’t Like Assessments.”: Debunking this and other Myths Through Data Science and AI
  2. In Tech We Trust: How Trust-Based Hiring Landed IBM the Top 4%.
  3. Putting Faith in Marketing + AI
  4. Future of Work: The People Imperative
  5. HireVue Assessments: How Enhancing Talent Decisions with Video Intelligence Drives the Bottom Line

In hindsight, we can definitively say that they did a great job of predicting some of the best sessions at Digital Disruption. Register to see these sessions (and others) on demand at the link below. You’ll be notified as soon as they become available:

Transition time for HireVue

Brian Sommer, diginomica

Sommer does a great job digging into some of the more business-related implications of HireVue’s break into the assessments space.

The value in this intelligent assessment technology comes from a more consistently applied set of criteria being used in comparing jobseekers, the elimination of a lot of bias in the process and the saving of time.

Time savings can be material as operational and recruiting personnel are spending markedly less time with individuals who will not proceed to the next level of the recruiting process. Greater workforce diversity was also mentioned as a benefit.

In this compelling piece, he analyzes the evolution of the HireVue product, our changing value proposition, and some more meaty details regarding where the HR tech market goes from here. If you’re into thoughtful analysis of the rapidly evolving HR tech space, this is the DD coverage you want to read.

HireVue’s Compelling Lesson in Using AI to Improve Hiring Outcomes

Daria Friedman, Brandon Hall Group

In this astute overview of HireVue’s Assessment offerings, Friedman provides some valuable perspective:

I-O psychologists have been interpreting assessment data and predicting success for a long time. What’s new is the way HireVue gathers the data from the video interviews. To date, HireVue has recorded about 4 million video interviews, and expects to have 5 million by year’s end. That means HireVue has accumulated millions of data points to help determine benchmarks for a variety of positions, in many different industries.

Check it out for more insight regarding where HireVue started and where we’re going from here.

Digital Disruption 2017: Whatever You’re Thinking, Think Bigger

Jess Von Bank, SymphonyTalent Blog

Jess Von Bank covers some the most compelling sessions from DD in this in-depth blog post.

We hear a lot about the consumer candidate. That’s because 1 of 5 candidates are your customers. Some organizations, in the retail vertical especially, think you can make that 5 of 5. Think about it – a recruiting function can become revenue-driving. Create candidate experiences that are reflections and extensions of your consumer brand, look for opportunities to insert consumer touchpoints (a coupon upon applying? yes, please), and achieve a more loyal consumer AND candidate.

Look at this article for some insightful observations from an organization doing some pretty cool things for the hiring experience.

HireVue Digital Disruption 17 – Doubling down on Video Intelligence

Holger Mueller, Constellation Research

Mueller provides some compelling video and written coverage of Digital Disruption’s key takeaways.

CEO Kevin Parker shared that HireVue has now passed over 4M+ interviews, with 5M+ in reach during 2017. That’s an impressive set of data, that HireVue should leverage more to help customers better with their hiring success. Now HireVue asks customers to provide / share at least 300 or so videos to build the assessment model for the questions that will be asked to the candidate. With soon 5M+ interview videos (and hiring success) available – HireVue could help customers sooner and better with using their existing data repository. Yes, data ownership, privacy etc. all loom, but something that can be / has to be overcome.

He’s put some very informed market observations and advice into an easily-digestible format – check it out.

HireVue’s “Introduce Yourself” Is A Pretty Cool Recruitment Marketing Tool

Tim Sackett, The Tim Sackett Project

While Sackett provided awesome coverage of Digital Disruption as it happened (we count four great articles at the time of this writing), he did a deep dive into one of the most innovative ways we at HireVue have seen the product used: Children’s Mercy Hospital’s “Introduce Yourself” program.

I like to tell you guys about stuff I know works, and I was able to talk to some actual users at Digital Disruption that were raving about a feature on HireVue’s interview platform called “Introduce Yourself“. The feature basically allows a potential candidate to briefly introduce themselves to your organization via video, without actually applying for a position.

Once someone is an actual applicant you have to follow the government’s OFCCP Internet Applicant Recordkeeping Rules. But, if they actually don’t apply and are just showing interest in your organization, you have a ton of flexibility on how you pursue them and next steps. What the HireVue clients are finding is being able to see these short “Introduce Yourself” videos before someone applies is opening them up to a great new pool of talent!

Tim consistently does a phenomenal job covering the latest and greatest HR tech trends. Be sure to check out his weekly analysis and other musings on his website.

And that’s a wrap! If you’re interested in checking out the recorded sessions from Digital Disruption 2017 as they become available, be sure to register here:

From driving adoption to inspiring innovation, there’s something for everybody.