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It's been a huge few days at HireVue for interview stats. Two days in a row with more than 6k interviews completed each day.

In fact, candidates have completed more HireVue interviews in the past 8 days than they did in all of 2012. That's more than 4500% growth in the past 4 years. Try to tell me HireVue isn't sweeping the world. We support interviews in 17 languages across the world.

What is HireVue Engineering Working On?

Sometimes people wonder, "what is engineering working on"? This is one important thing. We are handling 45x interview volume from 2012 with only about 3x the engineering staff from 2012. And that's only the beginning.

Customers are giving us more data than ever before, and not just candidate data. Teams, users, evaluations, ratings, recommendations, custom statuses, integration info, and much more.

And despite all this growth, we continue to operate with impeccable uptime, expanding our infrastructure to handle new load, staying up even when servers go down or networks fail. It's a wild ride. And we still have mountains of work to make our systems and user experience better. We are only just beginning. 

Check out this map from the past 8 days where HireVue Interviews have taken place:


Here's a closeup of the United States.  Each number in the star is the number of interviews in that region.  We look at these maps in real-time everyday:


And, yes, even though people say that no humans live in Siberia, they do. And guess what? People are taking HireVue interviews in Siberia. Putin would be proud:


And, Aloha Hawaii:


So, is HireVue eating the interviewing world? Not quite. But, one thing we're happy about and that drives us daily: helping our customers meet the talent challenges they face. That's what it's all about - helping our customers and their candidates. And cake. We are eating cake today to celebrate that over 12,000 people interviewed for their next job in just 2 days.

As we prepare for World Hiring Day, our engineers have been busily pushing our system to its limits to strengthen them to withstand even greater load. Thanks to their work, we should be ready.

Want to learn more about why 12,000 people took a digital interview in 2 days? Download our Candidate Experience Playbook to learn more.


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