HIRING LESSONS TO TAKE FROM THE HOLIDAYS Recently, Mashable put up a great list of what hiring and holiday shopping have in common. Since it’s the season for sharing, we’ve decided to share some of their great ideas— and add a few of our own. Make a List and Check It Twice As Mashable said, “Just like a certain portly holiday figure, it’s important to make a list and check it twice. This is true whether you’re making a list for a big shopping trip or putting together a list of the attributes you need in the perfect job candidate.” For finding the right person for the job, it’s critical to make sure you’ve got the right requirements set up on your end— you don’t want to screen out your ideal employee. So make sure you know exactly who you’re looking for, and write your job description to match. Personalize “Have you ever received a holiday present and wondered if the person giving it even knew you at all? Sure, everyone needs socks and scented candles, but they’re not very personal gifts. The best holiday presents are from the heart, and the best employees are those who fit into the company culture as well as they fit the job description.” To better screen for fit, you’ll need to get personal much sooner in the interview process. Mashable recommends doing away with the traditional phone screen and replacing it with a one-way online job interview. With video interviews, candidates can interview anytime, anywhere, on any device, making it easier for them to complete the screen— and making it easier for your recruiting and hiring managers to move on from a candidate if they’re all wrong. There Is No Santa This doesn’t need to be a story of holiday heartbreak. Santa doesn’t exist— and, chances are, neither does that purple squirrel you’re looking for. Instead of expecting the dream candidate to slide down the chimney and land in your lap, focus on being realistic about your company, the position, the pay and perks you can offer, and the kind of candidates you can attract. You might come across the perfect candidate and have yourself a holiday miracle. But chances are you’ll need to lower your expectations. It’s Easier Online Just like shopping for gifts is easier online, so is finding great candidates. With a good digital interview platform, you can screen and hire candidates ten times as quickly as you can through traditional methods. Though you may be concerned about the switch to digital, it’s faster, easier, and results in much higher quality of hire, which translates into better retention rates and a better company, to boot!