21st Century Interviewing: From Video to Digital [INFOGRAPHIC]

June 26th, 2012

Mark Newman

Video Interviewing

21ST CENTURY INTERVIEWING: FROM VIDEO TO DIGITAL [INFOGRAPHIC] There’s lots of talk - and quite frankly a lot of confusion - about video and digital interviewing in the recruiting marketplace. A common question we get from newcomers is “Can’t we just use Skype to interview candidates?”  Sure you can. In fact, video interviewing – using tools like Skype, TelePresence, or even simple live video interviewing solutions - is generally better than antiquated phone screens or premature in-person interviews. Video brings a voice to life and reduces travel time and costs. But just like when you Skype with Grandma or distant friends, you still need to arrange a time to mutually Skype with candidates, you can't record and share that interview with other HR executives or managers, and there's no way to rate and compare candidates. What's worse, if you know in the first 5 minutes of the interview that they're not a good fit, you still need to spend courtesy time with candidates. Simply put, video interviewing just scratches the surface of the broader concept we call Digital Interviewing™. Digital interviewing is a form of interviewing where questions, responses, ratings, feedback, and insights are securely socialized, tracked and stored in a digital - as opposed to analog, form.  Digital interviews constitute the convergence of social, mobile, video and broader cloud computing principals - to improve interview quality, speed, efficiency and consistency - while making the experience easier and more personalized for everyone involved.  Digital includes video, but also phone and in-person interviews.  In short, it makes the archaic interviewing process 1,000 times easier, better and fun! Digital interviewing also introduces an entirely new way to screen and interview candidates: on demand.   Rather than wasteful phone screens and premature in person interviews, you simply email a link to a set of questions and empower groups of candidates to record responses via webcam or mobile device, at their own convenience.  Then just watch, rate, share and compare the candidate interviews you want – anytime.  It’s just like streaming your favorite movies. On demand digital interviews eliminate scheduling, phone tag, follow-up and bad “courtesy” interviews.  On demand digital interviews are a game-changer for recruiting teams worldwide. Replacing phone screens with on demand interviews, one customer recently reported a 650% productivity increase amongst recruiters – taking 3 hours to digitally to screen what would have taken 22 hours (excluding the scheduling process). Here’s a snapshot of how video interviews and the all-encompassing concept of digital interviewing stack up. Where do you stand in the digital interviewing movement? [click the image to enlarge] Video Interviewing vs Digital Interviewing