4 Tips Every New Boss Should Know For Hiring Their Dream Team

June 13th, 2014

HireVue Team

Candidate Experience

4 TIPS EVERY NEW BOSS SHOULD KNOW Being the boss is a pretty sweet gig, but only if you can find employees who work with you rather than against you. Anyone can add names to the company payroll - adding employees who are worth the expense is more challenging. Here are four tips to make finding the right person for the job a little easier. Think It Over Give serious thought to what you want in an employee. If you don't know what skills and qualities you are searching for, you won't recognize them when you see them. Know what kind of company culture you want to create and find people who can help you do it. Seek out employees who can challenge you when it is appropriate or helpful and follow your lead when it isn't. Be Social You can't fill a position no one knows is open, so share your search as much as possible and make connections. Attend trade shows, go to conventions, seek out job fairs and generally talk to as many people as possible. Remember to post openings on social media and professional networking outlets. You never know who might have a helpful connection. Ignore Your Instincts A charismatic person is not necessarily a good one, so don't go with your gut when making hiring decisions. Check a candidate's references, criminal history, education level and any other background information you can legally obtain. The skills required to interview well may not be the same ones required to perform the job well. Don't Dwell Bad hires happen to everyone, so learn from your mistakes and move one. Determine what the problem was and figure out a way to spot that issue earlier in the hiring process. Using a digital interview platform like HireVue to save time in this process. Digital platforms allow you to see and hear a candidate before you meet with them and can help you spot red flags sooner. Hiring can be difficult but is a skill that can be honed like any other. With practice you will be able to spot good candidates with ease. Like a boss.