5 Million Interviews and Counting

October 10th, 2017

Kevin Parker, Chief Executive Officer

Video Interviewing

HireVue is about empowering talent organizations to reimagine the way they hire. With HireVue video interviewing, talent teams hire better, hire faster, and give candidates a great experience. Today, HireVue delivered its 5 millionth interview.  That’s 5 million opportunities for a recruiter or hiring manager to find the best hire for their organization. 5 million chances for a candidate to show their talent and demonstrate their skills. 5 million brand-building connections made between job seekers and the world’s leading firms.

From Shipping Webcams to Leading Change

When HireVue started delivering video interviews in 2005, we literally shipped webcams. Remember that at that time, online video chat was a tiny niche. It was a small subsection of online chat, and both communicating parties needed to own the same third party software and hardware before they could even start talking.  In 2017, video is everywhere. Webcams and other front-facing, internet-connected devices are distributed so widely, candidates expect to use them in the hiring process. Video interviewing is past the tipping point. In 12+ years of delivering video interviews, we’ve become a trusted partner to our 600+ customers. HireVue is a long-term partner in their recruiting success, generating a community of forward-thinking TA professionals who never stop innovating and inspiring. 

Our Customers Are Creating the Future of Hiring

Our customers consistently amaze us with the innovative ways they reinvent their hiring processes using our technology.  A great example is Unilever. They completely transformed their graduate hiring process, using HireVue to surface the best young talent and make offers in 2 weeks. Then there’s Dr Pepper Snapple. When filling their hourly roles, Dr Pepper’s hiring managers make hiring decisions based solely on a candidate’s response to an OnDemand video interview. They fill many open positions just 24 hours after they were posted. These are just two examples of how our customers are fundamentally reimagining the way hiring is done. 

An Unprecedented Collection of Data

Data from a video interview is very rich. HireVue possesses an extremely unique, diverse, and large data set, directly resulting from the millions of interviews we’ve delivered.  With 5 million interviews collected, HireVue is in an unprecedented position to provide powerful talent and business insights. In a world increasingly driven by data, the value we bring to talent acquisition is one-of-a-kind.