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December 5th 2019

Kelly McNulty

AI in HR: What It Is and Why It Matters Video Series

Artificial Intelligence

AI, aka artificial intelligence, despite its usefulness, often gets a bad wrap. Even though we use it every day, we don’t always know we’re using it. And the idea of giving up control to an unknown can be scary. To answer questions and dispel some myths, in the video series, “AI in HR: What It Is and Why It Matters,” HireVue Director of Data Science Lindsey Zuloaga, Ph.D. and Principal Architect and Manager of Assessment Delivery Allie Wehling take on the topic of AI. 

The full series is included here in case you didn’t catch it all on the HireVue LinkedIn page. In the series, Allie and Lindsey cover:

  • What AI is and how businesses are using it.
  • Why HR needs AI and what HR tasks can be automated with AI.
  • What businesses should look for in an AI solution.
  • What businesses risk by not taking advantage of AI.
  • What bias is and how HireVue prevents it in HireVue Assessments.
  • What IO psychology is and why it matters in hiring.
  • If AI will replace the people in HR.

What Is AI and How Are Businesses Using It?

AI, aka artificial intelligence or machine learning, is the use of computer algorithms (essentially recipes) to recognize patterns and then fully or partially automate tasks that use those patterns. The algorithms automatically learn from performing those tasks and then can perform the tasks more quickly and efficiently. The algorithms themselves are programmed by human developers. 

AI is already in use and it's everywhere. In episode 1, Lindsey shares that Siri and Alexa use AI. The AI helps Siri and Alexa learn the user’s preferences and adapt to those preferences.

Businesses use AI too. According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), “Artificial intelligence is already widely used in business applications ….” AI also helps the business of HR. In the “AI in HR” article on HR Exchange Network, Mason Stevenson sums up one of AI’s values for hiring  when he writes, “AI allows managers to go beyond gut feelings and rely on data-driven assessments.”

Hear Lindsey’s take on what AI is and how it’s being used in business today in episode 1:

How Can AI Help HR Processes and What Tasks Can Be Automated with AI?

Machine learning, aka AI, uses “...computers to recognize patterns in a lot of data,” as Lindsey points out in episode 1. And that makes AI ideal for “jobs comprised of tasks that are standardized and repeatable,” Allie says. That automation will only help HR. That benefit is echoed by Suresh Sambandam in “How Automation and Artificial Intelligence will Transform HR Processes” on HR Technologist. “Machines are taking on time-consuming administrative tasks, empowering recruiters to focus on people management, Suresh writes.

Hear Allie explain more about how AI can benefit HR: 

What to Look for in an AI Solution

In episode 3, Lindsey points out that AI requires data — good data. She also shares some questions companies can ask to determine if an AI vendor is the best pick and if the end result will deliver what’s needed. Hear Lindsey’s take on data. And if you want more information on how to make sure your organization is ready for AI, download a copy of “AI for Hiring: The Buying Guide” ebook.

Learn more about AI for hiring in the “AI for Hiring: The Buying Guide” ebook.

What Do Companies Risk without AI?

AI can not only automate repetitive processes, it can also automate sorting through data. Allie shares in episode 4 that companies risk valuable learning opportunities available in the data they have if they forego AI. It’s impossible for people to parse all the data available to an organization, but it would take an army to do so. And valuable unused information is valuable information lost. 

Hear more from Allie along with some things to keep in mind to ensure that learning with AI productive and managed correctly in episode 4.

What About Bias? What Is It and How Does HireVue Prevent It?

Bias is discrimination. It can happen unintentionally — called unconscious bias. When bias negatively affects whole groups of people, its called adverse impact

AI done incorrectly can introduce or learn unintended bias. Sometimes, the very developers developing the algorithm or the data used to develop it introduces bias. AI and the models used to create it have to be tested for bias as its developed and after. 

HireVue Assessments are monitored for bias during development and ever after. Lindsey offers details and a great analogy for removing using orchestra auditions in episode 5:

What Is IO Psychology and Why It Matters in Hiring?

Industrial-organizational (IO) psychology, known as occupational psychology in Europe, is the field that studies human behavior as it plays out in an organization. According to the American Psychological Association, IO psychology, “addresses issues of recruitment, selection and placement, training and development, performance measurement, workplace motivation, and reward systems, quality of work-life, structure of work and human factors, organizational development and consumer behavior.”

HireVue has a team of IO psychologists, including Allie herself, who work with HireVue’s team of data scientists to develop HireVue Assessments. In episode 6, Allie explains IO psychology, why IO psychologists matter in the hiring process, and why it’s important that data scientists and IO psychologists work together. 

Will AI Will Replace People in the HR Process?

One of the scarier sides of AI and automation is the threat of their taking jobs away from people who need incomes. Opinions on whether that will happen and whether enough new jobs will be created to offset losses vary. 

In the final episode of “AI in HR, What It Is and Why It Matters,” Allie shares that AI isn’t going to replace recruiters in the HR process. Instead, it will help recruiters do more of what they do best and that’s hiring the right people. They’ll be able to do that because AI will let recruiters spend less time mired in the screening process. Hear more directly from Allie herself in the final episode:

Learn More About How HireVue Develops HireVue Assessments?

For a  deeper dive into how HireVue ensures its algorithms are free of bias — not only when developed, but after:

Learn more about AI for hiring in the “AI for Hiring: The Buying Guide” ebook.