Celebrating Six Million Video Interviews

February 26th, 2018

Kevin Parker, Chief Executive Officer

Video Interviewing

I’m genuinely excited to announce that HireVue has hosted our six millionth on-demand video interview, just 120 days after announcing the completion of our five millionth interview. That’s a million interviews completed around the world on laptops and smartphones, on weekends, anywhere/anytime around the clock - within the space of 120 days.

Milestones like these are significant, offering proof that easy-access, on-demand video interviews are changing the way the world discovers and hires the best candidates, as well as proof that we’ve reached an inflection point in this very real transformation of the hiring process. Adoption of this technology is accelerating so quickly that it’s likely that we’ll complete our seven millionth interview in fewer than 90 days.

Our Customers Knew There Was a Better Way

HireVue customers are forward-thinkers, knowing that there is a better way to widen the aperture in their search for top talent. Today, six million interviews later, they’re hiring the best talent, faster. They’re increasing their diversity and improving the experience for their candidates in the process.

Just as importantly, by making HireVue Assessments an integral part of the on-demand interview, they’re increasing their opportunity of identifying the very best candidates in a job market where hours-long assessment tests can cause significant dropout rates. In today’s business environment, the race for talent is won by those companies that can engage candidates in the most compelling way possible, those that respond the fastest and streamline the process to focus their efforts on the most meaningful interactions: first by video interview, then by person-to-person engagement. 

Today, our customers enjoy significant competitive advantages in the global race for talent. They regularly tell us some remarkable things about how HireVue has impacted their businesses. For example:

  • Hilton Hotels has cut its time-to-hire nearly 90% with HireVue Assessments.
  • Sonic Automotive has gained a potential profit increase of 10 million dollars while also seeing a 20% increase in sales performance by hiring top candidates.
  • IBM Watson was able to remove resume bias, improve diversity, and easily determine the top 2% of a candidate pool of 4000.
  • Unilever saw a 16% increase in the diversity of its hires.

More Breakthroughs Await

There’s much more to come for HireVue. Just as more and more global and growing corporations are hiring the best talent, faster by using streamlined video interviews at the first stage, our scientists and engineers will continue to break new ground to continue this rapid evolution in hiring. I know I speak for everyone at HireVue when I say that the more great people we bring to the right roles in great companies, the more satisfying our work becomes.