Creating a Hiring Experience Customized for Healthcare

July 19th, 2013

HireVue Team

Hiring, Video Interviewing

When you are in the medical business like Children’s Mercy Hospital, based in Kansas City, MO, the most important thing in the world is making sure that your patients are cared for with the best quality care possible.

With over 6,000 employees and consistently recruiting for approximately 2,200 nurses for around-the-clock care, recruiting takes a lot of precious time away from the core of the hospital’s mission – the best children’s medical care in the country. Molly Weaver, Director of Talent Acquisition for Children’s Mercy needed a way to attract top quality talent without taking valuable time away from management staff at the hospital. This dilemma sparked her interest in and journey toward implementing video interviewing into their recruiting process.

In nursing you can never expect a straight 9am-5pm schedule. As many of you reading this will know, you often have to swing shift and figure out a way to stay up all night long to cover patient care and emergency situations that inevitably arise. At Children’s Mercy, many candidates appreciate the On-Demand interviewing feature because they can take the interview anytime, anywhere. Sometimes that means completing an interview at 3am after getting off a shift or right before starting. With an unpredictable schedule this digital interviewing feature has made a huge difference in the talent pool of competent nursing staff for the hospital.

Children’s Mercy Hospital is a believer in digital interviewing after implementing the HireVue platform and here are many reasons why:

  • Interview-to-Hire Ratio improved by 50%
  • Reduced onsite interviews by 63%
  • Reduced time to fill – while improving quality of hire
  • Better candidate experience
  • Clinical professionals spend more time on patient care vs. interviewing
  • Nurses work and study at all hours and love that they can interview in the middle of the night
  • Record once and share with different managers, comparing different interviews
  • Offers are able to go out sooner than the competitor’s offer. They have been able to secure top talent earlier and faster
  • 24/7 support for candidates who interview in the middle of the night and for managers that review at all hours
  • 20 interviews in 30 minutes with digital interviewing vs. 10 hours of 30 minute interviews


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