From Client to Colleague — Why I Joined HireVue

March 4th, 2014

Joe Pothier

Video Interviewing

When I first heard about digital interviewing, I was the world’s biggest skeptic. With a background as a head hunter at WinterWyman, and recruiting manager at Bain & Co. and then at Boston Beer, I thought I had seen it all in the recruiting world, and I prided myself on taking risks and earning success despite great odds. But in 2012, when Kathryn Sheehan, VP of HR of Legal Seafood, introduced me to Mark Newman, a 20-something representing a new digital interviewing technology, I wasn’t buying it.

I typically don’t take anything at face value so I asked him everything that came to mind, and to my surprise, he told me he was the founder and CEO of HireVue, and he eloquently answered every single objection I had in an actionable, practical, and unique way that created an instant Ah-Ha moment. Digital interviewing was going to be the future of recruiting, and Mark and HireVue just happened to be waaaaayyyy out in front of the pack. With all that I had tried and practiced to that point in my recruiting career that meant a whole lot.

I loved building an awesome team at Boston Beer and had no intention of leaving. I was given the autonomy to develop new ideas and take risks in every area of the business, and as long as those changes showed value, I continued to innovate and improve the company by recruiting game-changing talent. When I brought the concept of HireVue to Boston Beer, they trusted me to make a good decision and try something new.

Just as I suspected, within 35 days we reduced our time to fill by 45 days, reduced our travel cost by 10K and exceeded our monthly fill goal by 35%. I was blown away by the results. So much so that the results, savings, and process improvement led to the CEO signing off on a 3-year deal that allowed me to roll out the system across 5 business lines and a portfolio company.

In truth, it didn’t take me 35 days to catch the fever of innovation and opportunity that HireVue's technology brought to the world of recruiting. The bane of my existence (and frankly all recruiters), were all solved through HireVue’s Talent Interaction platform.

Sourcing, reviewing, interviewing, rating-scoring, validating, managing volume, branding, reducing time to fill, making cost-efficient, processing improvements to get to the right hire, and much more that we probably haven’t even thought of to this point. What I saw was the fact that this platform was solving real problems, that wouldn’t just end with recruiting but would extend to all business communications.  And that was something powerful that I just had to be part of.

At first, I was content to be a consistent customer reference for HireVue, and I even traveled to industry conferences and sat on HireVue customer panels to share my experience with the platform. Then, I wanted in on the fun- in a bigger way.

When the offer came to join HireVue on the Customer Success Team it was a no-brainer. It would have had to be in order for me to move away from a pioneer like Jim Koch and The Boston Beer Company.  Joining the next big thing has been a game-changing opportunity I have embraced and the future looks bright!