December 2nd, 2013

HireVue Team

Video Interviewing

Trouble-hiring Good engineers are short in supply and high in demand these days. Many companies, especially startups, are having difficulty hiring the kind of programming talent they desperately need. While your company might be a great place to work, there’s a good chance that your hiring practices are what’s causing your inability to find great engineers. Here are some of the common mistakes that companies make when looking for technical talent. 1. Long hours and inflexible credentials If you’re looking for a clone of your other engineers— same skills, same credentials— who is willing to work 18 hour days, then the probability that you’re going to find this so-called “ideal” candidate is incredibly low. Instead, focusing on offering reasonable hours and look for candidates who may not have the exact experience you want, but can parlay other experiences and knowledge to direct benefit for your company. 2. Harboring delusions of grandeur You may think that you’re the next Google or Facebook, but if you can’t back it up with pay and perks, there’s a very low chance that rockstar employees are going to leave their current jobs to come work for you instead. Realistically assess where you stand, and then go after the talent that is attainable. 3. Moving slowly Candidates won’t wait around for your company forever— especially when the talent shortage is so tremendous, skilled candidates tend to get snapped up quickly. Move fast and be ready to make offers quickly. 4. Paying poorly This is something we’ve talked about before, but it is still sadly quite prevalent. Pay market rate for great talent, and pay even more for rock stars. If you can’t pay, make it up in benefits, perks, stock options, and more. Poor pay will attract poor talent. Period. 5. Treating candidates without respect Treat everyone that comes through your door like a rock star, even if the fit isn’t right. You never know who your candidates know— they may be able to refer your next great hire. Always be professional and organized. When hiring for IT an engineering talent, consider using a video interview software like HireVue for your technical interviews. Coding challenges can help you understand a lot about the benefit a candidate can bring to your company, and can help you move through the hiring process quickly and painlessly.