Here to Stay? The Case for HR

June 18th, 2013

HireVue Team

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HERE TO STAY? THE CASE FOR HR SHRM 2013 is underway in Chicago this year, and if the Society of Human Resources Management has taught us anything, it is the value of HR. Years ago the HR Department was thought of as a policing, take-the-fun-out of life and work zone, not a group of professionals advocating for employees in the workplace. Some companies took out HR departments completely, and others made the decision to outsource to a consultant or group of consultants in order to stay compliant but not really invest in HR.  But one thing is for sure – now it has become a necessity no matter how big or small your organization. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to add Human Resources to your staff. Hiring, training, and managing people becomes more and more complex with more people, and it's very valuable to have an expert in HR. Choosing whether to have your HR person in-house or outsourced is an important decision. In-house HR workers can advise you, instantly handle problems, assist you in planning, and are loyal to the objectives and the culture of your organization. If your main concern is in simply complying with regulations while you directly handle employee issues, outsourcing is likely your better choice until the need arises for a full-time team member. Updated technologies don’t eliminate the need to grow your organization – they facilitate the growth leading to more revenue and increased productivity. The past several years of the HR tech boom have proven that as a Department, HR has developed and grown into an integral part of a successful company and will continue to require the innovation needed to keep up with growing trends and movement in the economy. The bigger your business gets, the more important it is that you have HR on staff. Complying with employment laws is a critical function of HR, and one you can't do without. Building a company culture that will attract key team members can be accomplished with the right HR team in place. Whether you like it or not, HR is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere.