HireVue And Greenhouse Announce Partnership

August 26th, 2014

HireVue Team

News, Video Interviewing

HIREVUE AND GREENHOUSE ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP Solid partnerships are at the core of every successful business. Our customers are more than clients—they are partners, and we take partnership seriously. We view them as interactive rather than transactional. Inner-industry partnerships are just as important to us. Having said that, we are pleased to expand our partner ecosystem with the addition of Greenhouse, a recruiting platform designed to help you improve your recruiting process. Greenhouse aids those it services by finding, vetting, and hiring the best candidates. Greenhouse's integration with HireVue helps you make better hiring decisions, faster. Quickly invite candidates directly from Greenhouse to complete an on-demand digital interview. HIREVUE AND GREENHOUSE ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP With the single sign on functionality you can quickly click a link from Greenhouse to evaluate completed candidate interviews within HireVue. HIREVUE AND GREENHOUSE ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP Now recruiters can move easily between the two systems, maintaining a 100% end-to-end hiring solution. See all of this in action by clicking on the image below to schedule your live demo. HIREVUE AND GREENHOUSE ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP